Lost TRON TV pilot FOUND!!!!!

You heard right….. The LOST TRON TV PILOT!!!!! It was scheduled to air January 22nd 1983, but it was lost……. Until the Arcade Archives located it at the production offices of Hal Lowenstien.  In the pilot we find out that Tron leaves the game grid For L.A., and hooks up with a crime- solving pop band. It is pure 80s awesomeness!

Check it out- For the first time ANYWHERE…..

Goin' to the Groove Grid!

Thanks again to Hal Lowenstien productions for all their passion for the groove!


    1. I was honored to do so! you guys deserve all the accolades you can get! that video was nothing short of AMAZING! The attention to detail, the effects were enough- but the song took it over the top! and if anyone is interested to see how much work you put into your videos, watch the making of The groove grid and your other videos on YouTube! The Arcade Archives strives to find the angle the other sites don’t see And you guys are welcome here anytime!


  1. The guys at doogtoons do such great work, especially with unearthing the L.B. Rayne tapes. It is a shame that they do not get the attention and credit the deserve.


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