A visit to The King of Kong Arcade (part 1)

Hey Gang!

Remember those Billy Mitchell trading cards I talked about a few weeks ago? (if not, just go back to my 3rd blog entry!)

Well, I had mentioned after doing some digging, they were selling these cards exclusively at the Orlando International Airport- WHY? Ill tell you why…  Billy’s opened an arcade! At the airport! And it’s not bad! No really- let me just show ya.

Here we are at OIA- They said it would be on the A side....
...Oh- Here's a sign!
At last I found it- (I wasn't really that hard) and all the front signage is awesome- it has a pull away pseudo 3d effect!
The storefront is amazing. It makes you feel like your walking into the movie- both Billy and Steve are prominently displayed.... oh the eternal confrontation- I wish we had seen that battle in the movie!
...And inside is great as well! Full sized murals of all 4 levels are displayed on the walls.
the place has NICE hardwood flooring, and FLAMING BARRELS! You heard me- FLAMING BARRELS! You know you are looking at this place and saying" I wish this was in my house!"
And the centerpiece to The KOK Arcade has to be the change counter. The curtain looks like a separate wall to walk behind- cool!
And of course, what arcade would be complete without hot sauce? you can also purchase t shirts, and the aforementioned trading cards.

All in all a great looking gameroom. While I was there (about 10 minutes),  30 people came in and played- which is good- the airport’s got a constant flow of customers just waiting with money to spend . And they had some good titles- BUT NO DONKEY KONG! not even 1 classic game in the lineup- that was disappointing. But it just opened… may be they will be bringing in DK and others in the future- I hope. Well stay tuned gang- because I will be going back and getting some answers on this little, funny, out of the way arcade soon!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!


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