The Video Game Challenge Pilot Episode 1983!

I couldn’t wait to post this when I found it! This is a pilot for a show called The Video Game Challenge. It would had come out about the same time as Starcade was just getting syndicated on TBS in 1983. The beginning of the program was also shown during the Ben Gold interview in the movie Chasing Ghosts (RELEASE IT ON DVD ALREADY!)  What makes this episode even more special is that Ben Gold ( Champion Arcade game player on Stargate, Centipede,  and Millipede)  and Eric Ginner ( Champion Arcade game player on Moon Patrol, Centipede and Crystal Castles) Are on to compete on Millipede! Ben Gold wins and gets the Millipede machine and still has it  (or at least up to filming Chasing Ghosts.)  Its a three parter, but very informative! It’s not just game competition, but top 10 games lists, previews of upcoming games, and reviews, (Teen idol Bobby Sherman is the  host, and “The Real Don Steele” as play by play announcer!)  Enjoy!

This video is from Ben Gold’s channel over on Youtube. Be sure to go over and check out his win on “Thats Incredible”.

Great stuff, man!

We here at the Arcade Archives admire your amazing high scores and everyone who can play at that level as well!

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